21 November, 2010

Simple Spirituality (conflicting with my newfound ownership of a Droid)

I have many different thoughts running through my head right now, so I'm just gonna write. I don't even know if I'll post this, but we shall see! I like the idea of writing stuff down that others could potentially read, and seeing what things/thoughts I find to be important in my life currently and also seeing what things I am keeping to myself or between God and I. I feel like a lot has been happening, but then again, not so much is actually happening (and that may only make sense to me...)
Well for one, I am home! Currently residing in Secane, Pennsylvania.  It has been an eventful past two days. And by eventful, I mean I just bought a lot of stuff and spent money on things I don't get a chance to do at school.  On Thursday night, actually at 3 AM on Friday morning after HP7, (we'll get there later) a friend asked me what the first thing I was gonna do when I got home was.  I said I was gonna hang out with my dog, but little did I know the first thing she was gonna do when I got home was bite me! Not a very pleasant greeting from Tippy, but she has always liked me the least. Anyway, back to the eventfulness of being home: I went shopping with my mom at Target yesterday, and today I got a Droid! Buy one get one free deal. Who knew that my mom dropping her phone in coffee would benefit me? :) Today I also had the chance to hang with my dear friend and one of my favorite people, Joy.  We got our nails done, which is probably the last thing you would expect the two of us to do together?  It was weird...However, it was great to catch up and just hear how exciting her past couple of months have been.  The Lord has been so faithful to her after some long, hard times, and I was so encouraged to see verse Philippians 1:6 come to life before me. "...being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion to the day of Christ Jesus." That is something I will never stop praying: for friends from home, friends from JMU, friends at TA, family, myself... It's a promise, and I don't think I'd be able to do the things I do if it weren't true.  That sounds vague, but actually, I don't think I'd be able to get through each day without trusting fully in that promise.  Since this rambling seems to have brought us to this point, I guess I will share some things I am learning.
I have recently picked up the book "Simple Spirituality." Before I went to Peru with my bFf Rebecca, her sister Nina, and our YL leader, we read this. Underneath the title it says, "Learning to see God in a broken world" and it is "A book for people who are ready to see."  We traveled to Lima, Peru to see what the life of a WMF (Word Made Flesh) missionary is like.  At that point in our lives, the three of us girls (though fairly new to it all) were SO curious and so ready to see God in a broken world.  It was life-changing, and looking back and re-reading this book, I just think the WMF ministry is so right.  They have nine core values, and five simple stones that are central to WMF. They are:
Humility to slay the giant of pride and arrogance
Community to slay the giant of individualism and independence
Simplicity to slay the giant of intemperance and excess
Submission to slay the giant of power and control
Brokenness to slay the giant of triumphalism, defiance, and resistance
The other day I went through my bible and journal to look for Scripture that supports each of these simple stones.  It was really cool to see how quickly I was able to call to mind verses that have been revealed to me since being at college and to realize that those are the foundations I want to/try to live my life by.  I don't really know if I'm being clear, but it was just cool to see what Scripture I associate each of these five words with and to see what God has been teaching me with them.  I am no where near understanding or representing these things, but I am learning.
This turned into a much longer post than I had anticipated.  I know I said I would get to talking about HP7 later, but I think I'll save it for a Thanksgiving post when I share what I am thankful for.  Last week at d-hall lunch, Anthony suggested the idea that we go around the table and all say what we're thankful for. I said Harry Potter.  Most friends did not respond positively, but it's the truth!  And somehow, I have a feeling that the mention of Harry Potter in some form will make it into the majority of my posts.

Disclaimer: The title of this post is not supposed to be a joke. It's just to point out that my life is a learning process, and I've got a long way to go!

Just bringin' back some Peru memz! :) Isa and Natalia are THE BEST.
(Reb and Nina: you're okay too...)

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