12 November, 2010

Skeptics and Believers

During my Biological Anthropology class we watched a movie on the discovery of hobbits (I didn't know they were real either...or am I the only one who didn't know that?) I don't usually pay too much attention in this class, (aka I never really go to this class on Fridays) but I went and maybe it was only because they had mentioned elves and showed Dobby from Harry Potter that I started paying attention, but it was actually a pretty interesting film.  At some point, referring to archaeologists and the discoveries they were making, they mentioned "skeptics and believers having to work alongside of each other." This got me thinking. I think we hear the phrase "skeptics and believers" quite a bit, but it has never really meant anything to me.  Immediately the image of the "Coexist" bumper stickers popped into my head. I've never really liked those, which I think has something to do with the way I've had the philosophy presented to me in the past or just from reading others' posts about it kind of rubbed me the wrong way, but I get it now.  The definition of coexist:
to live in peace with another or others despite differences, especially as a matter of policy.
Why shouldn't we coexist? I'm not saying that I don't believe in an absolute truth, because by all means I know there is only one way; I'm just saying that I think the image of "skeptics and believers having to work alongside of each other" is a beautiful one.  And I know we've all heard this type of stuff before-about "acceptance" or "not judging" or "living in peace."  But if we're all honest with ourselves, actually living these things out is very rare, myself included.  When I think of skeptics and believers working alongside of each other, there are a few of my close friends who come to mind.  I absolutely love watching these friends or hearing stories about them working alongside of other friends who are so different than they are. It is inspiring.

I am not trying to offend anyone, but I think that I have become more closed-minded and more of a conformist since coming to school in Virginia (which might actually sound closed-minded haha).  I don't think this is anyone's fault but my own, but I guess it has just made me come to the realization of how much I really appreciate diversity.  [To further explore lack of diversity, please refer to Beth Jasper's recent blog post regarding "the trendy race (being indie)"-http://jasperle.blogspot.com/2010/11/diy-do-it-yourself-memoir-on-trendy.html?spref=fb] I feel like at home I just see and experience so much more of people with different beliefs, values, and backgrounds existing together.  I know I have chosen my own path here at school, and it has been absolutely amazing to live in a community of "believers," but for some reason, in this moment right now, I am having the overwhelming feeling that this is not how life is supposed to be.  This could just be a phase I'm going through (as are many things in my life), or this could be for a number of reasons. 1) I haven't been home since August. I MISS THE CITY!!! Everything about it: the noise, the people watching, the food, etc. 2) I'm kind of over having conservative takes on things just because I think I should. As a Global Justice Studies major (oh yeah mom, I changed my major), I'm thinkin I have some pretty liberal views. and 3) I heard a lecture on empowerment last night from this little Northern firecracker lady, and I feel empowered to speak up! But anyway, moral of the story: let's coexist. And I know that the skeptics will learn from the believers and the believers will learn from the skeptics.  Oh and another moral of the story: ONLY ONE WEEK until I'm home for 9 days getting to celebrate the holidays in the city=my favorite thing ever!

Biological Anthropology Hobbits

Ring Hobbits

Dobby! (Sorry, couldn't contain myself)

Also, I lied earlier. My favorite thing ever is definitely mythical creatures.

P.S. Meghan Geiser: Thanks for being my biggest (only) fan and source of support for this so far! Literally CANNOT wait to watch Christmas movies, drink hot chocolate, eat cookie dough, and snuggle with the Geiser girlz!!! (you, Melizza, Ava, and Roxy)

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