14 July, 2011

Would You Rather

So let me just preface this by saying that I am not an ungrateful, spoiled brat.  I really loved my two weeks in Spain!  Seriously, it was beautiful.  I had so much fun hanging with my crazy English family and it was so nice to relax, but for the sake of a good laugh, I’m gonna be dramatic and tell you how I really feel…

As life goes on, especially after these two weeks, I am finally comfortable stating with confidence that I like winter better than summer.  Not only that, but I like the cold, everything about it and everything that comes along with it.  I’ve known this fact about myself before, like when someone asks, “Do you like the mountains or the beach better?” I always say mountains.  This topic of conversation actually led my dear friend, Kaitlin, and I to a presentation on contrasting the mountains and the beach.  Ironically enough, it was in Spanish class (we also did one on the North vs. the South, but that’s a different story…actually, I’m not sure how we passed the class after presenting that one).  And in case anyone out there is interested, I have a Spanish presentation on The Phenomenon of Harry Potter as well.  It’s safe to say I got laughed at a lot by my fellow Spanish studying Duke Dogs, and Professor Javier may not have loved me and my attempts at speaking his language, but he sure did love my jokes.  Anyway, with all this Spain talk, it’s also safe to say that along with my preference of winter, I prefer England to Spain.

To recap:
Winter over Summer
Mountains over Beach
England over Spain
And let me tell you why…

1) There is no pressure to be tan. Sorry, but I’d rather avoid breaking out in heat rashes and getting white spots all over my body (yeah that happened, and my doctor said it’s a skin disease called Malassezia furfur) after bathing myself in tanning oil and baking in the sun for hours in a desperate attempt for some bronzin.  People who say you like to lay out, stop lying to yourselves. AND MAYBE I LIKE MY PALE SKIN OK!?
2) Coffee is supposed to be hot.  Who thought of iced coffee and when did it become acceptable? I’m being a hypocrite, but only because I would rather not melt to death on a hot summer day…I want to go out in a much cooler way (no pun intended).  Sometimes, I just really want to order a nice, normal, steaming cup of coffee, how God originally intended it to be consumed, but because of the blazing heat, I can’t.
3) The book-reading atmosphere is 100x better.  You think to yourself, “I have an entire two weeks to spend on the beach, I better get a good book to read.” But I think to myself, “I have an entire two weeks to spend on the beach, I better start liking music more and update my iPod.” Because personally, I like to choose when I want to flip to the next page in a book rather than having the wind decide.  I also like to be able to see the words I’m reading rather than being blinded by the sun or having the words ruined by water soaked pages.  But forreal, who likes sand stuck in the crevasses of their book?
4) Pub life over Club life.  Sitting at a little wooden table in a cozy pub while the Brits yell about the football match on TV in awesome accents, or getting lost in the disco lights and darkness while the Spaniards fist pump to loud music in another language in the club?  I choose the first, thanks.  I’d rather not have to deal with a language barrier when telling Juan and José I don’t want to dance with them and that “Yo tengo un novio.”  Like, I know you understood me, my Spanish isn’t that bad.  Why do I still have to escape while you go to the bathroom?
5) Modest is Hottest.  I don’t wanna see topless women on the beach, and no, I don’t wanna participate in the “who can wear the shortest dress” contest.  I thoroughly enjoy wearing layers and layers of warm winter clothing.

Basically, I just want to cuddle up with a hot cup of coffee and good book in a log cabin up the mountains while the snow falls.
To all you iced coffee-lovin, beach babez out there: please don’t be offended.  Some of my closest friends are just like you, and I still love them!

That being said, here are some summer, beach pictures from Jávea, Spain!

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