30 July, 2011

UpToWn GirLz

Nine girls in one house. Sounds crazy, right?
Uh, no. FUNZONE! I am getting super excited to move into Uptown with all of them.

These girls are so special to me.

Morgan: Thank God for Morgan.  I probably would have died by now without her.  She cares for people in every way possible, and I really admire her nurturing gifts.  Whether I’m sick and tired, sad and crying, or stressed and overwhelmed, Morgan is literally the first one at my side every time.  She is fully dedicated to whatever the Lord puts in front of her.  Morgan has the ability to speak the truth in love with power, and her prayers have carried me through this past year.
Lindsay: She knows how to make any person’s day brighter.  She floats through the air and frolics into your room with a huge smile on her face and carries an unexplainable peace and joy around with her.  But that’s not all there is to Lindsay…She is one of the most profound people I know, and if she is talking, listen up.  Seriously, it is such a blessing when Lindsay shares her heart and her story, so if you get that chance, please take it-it will change you.
Ashley: I’ve told this to a few people, but I think Ashley exemplifies Jesus more than anyone I know.  She is the most accepting, non-judgmental, humble person I’ve ever met.  The Lord has given her his eyes for the world, which allows her to love others and extend grace.  Her confidence comes straight from God, and through everything, she remains faithful to her Savior.  If you want to be more like Christ, follow Ashley’s example.
Sara: Sara is so in love with the Lord, and it is her biggest ambition to know Jesus better and to share him with others.  She is fully committed to the Word, to prayer, and to communion with the Father.  Sara lets herself be led by the Spirit and flees far away from sin, and I know that God delights in her.  Because of all these things, she has such a kind and gentle spirit, and she is an amazing friend to me and to others.  I feel closer to God when I am with Sara.
Rebecca: She is NOT ashamed of the gospel, and I will be forever thankful to have her to look to since the day I decided to walk with the Lord.  Rebecca is an evangelist in all senses, whether it be to her family or friends, through Young Life or different types of missions, she makes it her ambition to share the gospel with others.  And it is refreshing to have someone around who is so real, open, and vulnerable.  I literally can’t wait to see where God takes her in life because she has opened herself up to him to be used in incredible ways.
Evi: My little intellect.  I absolutely admire how she asks question after question and searches and doesn’t settle until she figures things out for herself.  Evi possesses one of the most humble qualities a person can have: she is teachable.  She is so like Jesus in how she simply attracts people, which is noticeable in the tons of different friends she has.  She is so easy to talk to and has such a comforting spirit.  I would hang out with Evi all day every day if I could.
Colleen: Sweet, sweet Colleen.  God has given me a special friend in Colleen because her presence has been so comforting and crucial to me throughout college so far.  Whether it be at Carrier at 3 AM, at leadership with way too many people, across the world in Israel, during intense discussions at small group, or through painful hours of Justice class, she has always been there to understand.  I admire Colleen’s open mindedness and desire to explore the world and live life to the full.  She is someone who really knows the beauty of the Lord, and she is a joy to everyone who gets to be around her.
Jillian: Jilly is one of my newest friends, but simply from observing how she lives her life and loves others, I cannot wait to live with her.  She is SO incredibly committed to Jesus and living her life for him whole-heartedly.  It is her ambition to serve the Lord and to serve others so that they might know him.  I love how Jillian knows that she is a light in this dark world and how she puts herself in situations where she is able to shine.   I value her words so much because the Lord seems to speak through her so clearly and uses her to encourage others.
Beth: Our honorary house member!  My college experience would have been completely different if Beth wasn’t my freshmen roommate-she was my wing girl and made me laugh harder than anyone.  She has taught me what it means to love the Lord with all your mind.  She pursues knowledge of God more than any person I have ever met.  I seriously wish I read the bible half as much as this girl does because it has made her into a beautiful woman of God.  She loves people, ALL people, and she does it for Jesus.  I am so excited for Beth’s future.

I think this verse really sums up what our house is going to be about:
"Be merciful to me, O God, for men hotly pursue me."-Psalm 56:1

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