11 September, 2011

Building for Forever

My heart is so full right now I don’t even know what to do!  All my friends are hanging out right now, but there is too much going on inside of me for me to socialize like a normal human being without blurting out all of my emotions.  (Even though I just did that to Wil, and he let me, and I am so thankful J)  But the crazy part is, I don’t feel the need to be with everyone, and if you know me, that’s a big deal.  The Lord is teaching me big things, things he has been preparing me for.  He is revealing to me the ugliest parts about myself, but in it he is showering me with his grace.  I am getting to a point where I’m really starting to understand that NOTHING ON THIS EARTH MATTERS.

What the heck have I been doing with my life?!
Why have I been building foundations on relationships and words that are just going to fall to pieces? ALL OF THEM.
Right now, in this moment, it just makes so much sense to me. ETERNITY matters. That’s it. Every little thing I do should be for the sake of eternal life, mine and others.

And that is what I want to talk about.  This is why my heart is full.  Because I realize why I am doing what I’m doing.
If you were to ask me why I lead Young Life, I could easily say because I want to love teenagers for Christ in hope that they would know God loves them. I think many people in their times of leading have come to the point where they really had to think about why they are doing it.  And many people have come to the point where they realize that this thing we’re doing with kids is real.

I struggle so much with the strategic aspects of Young Life.  I know they’re biblical and that is why they work, but where does God’s timing come in?  How do I know if I’m just neglecting biblical strategies or if the Lord is just waiting to move?
But I get it now.  Running around JMU’s campus taking pictures with strangers and “coning” at the McDonald’s drive thru with a bunch of hyped up high schoolers-THAT is for eternity.  Eternity is the ultimate goal, and if God wants to use a crazy scavenger hunt for kids to get there, who am I to question that?  Because we fix our eyes on the unseen.

“In reality, the unseen world is more real than the seen, for the world will one day pass away. Eternity is forever.”

When I went to Israel this past summer, someone asked the questions, “What are you building your life on? Are you building for eternity?”  For some reason, God won’t allow me to let go of these questions.  I remember I tried to dismiss them and convince myself that I really was building for eternity, but that just didn’t sit right with me.  This is the scariest thing I’ve had to think about, because I so badly want to say that I have been building for eternity, but that’s just not true.  I have been selfish, I have sought glory for myself, I have been building my life on the affirmation and approval of people BUT THAT IS A BUNCH OF CRAP!  “For no one can lay any foundation other than the one already laid, which is Jesus Christ.” (1 Corinthians 3:11)

I am DONE with all that, and I am 100% positive that I am being called to build for eternity by investing in relationships with high school girls at TA.  I think I used to be a little afraid to say it because I thought people were going to think I was crazy, like for spending too much time with my high school friends or something.  I even was afraid that students were going to think I was there too much or something.  Now I know, that is SO ridiculous.  I am done compartmentalizing “leading Young Life” in my head.  This isn’t just going to be something I do.  I literally want it to be my life, and I am finally comfortable saying it.  I know I’m at the point where I’m just preaching but PLEASE PEOPLE, don’t hold anything back!! Give this everything you possibly have (WHATEVER it is that you’re doing).  Do you really think you will ever regret going to too many games? Or do you really think you can have too many early mornings? Show up time after time after time until they are sick of you!! (even though they won’t be)  God wants to use us so bad and wants us to be apart of the work he is doing for eternity, so let’s let him!  I seriously didn’t know my heart had the capacity to love as much as I love those girls, but the Lord has singled me out and called me to do so, and it is HIM who works in me.

“The preaching of the Gospel is still His will, and the salvation of souls is His chief concern.  So also should it be thine, and nothing else should be permitted to take precedence over evangelism in thy life.”

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